• Mixed Use

    Mixed use facility projects tend to be complicated and feature a large variety of stakeholders. Do you have the experience to manage numerous timetables and conflicting requirements to ensure that you can meet your schedule and come in on budget? Our project managers proactively lead complex project teams so that everyone is working towards a common goal – your success.


    Complex and challenging, cultural projects often come with tight budgets and intense public scrutiny. Can you implement and achieve aggressive schedules to make critical opening dates and scheduled events? Our experienced team has the technical knowledge to understand your needs and complete your project on time and on budget.


    Your on-campus capital project comes with a diverse and unique set of problems and a large number of stakeholders. Do you have the resources to stay on budget and complete your project on time? We provide you with the expertise and capacity to engage your stakeholders in an efficient decision-making process and complete your project without negatively impacting your day-to-day responsibilities.

    “MHPM has proven to be extremely knowledgeable in all areas of project management, particularly in the mitigation of project risk.”

    Wayne Kurek, Director of Facilties, Northern Lights School Division, Alberta, Canada


    Do you have the expertise and capacity to lead your project through medical planning, FF&E procurement and design, to construction and completion? We field a team of specialists with extensive backgrounds from across the healthcare sector. We understand the value of your services, and are committed to working with you to ensure your success.

    “MHPM is conscientious and proactive and I would be pleased to recommend them for other primary care capital projects and accommodations planning.”

    Emile Massenat, Director, Corporate Services,
    Centretown Community Health Centre, Ontario, Canada


    The experience of your guests is the key to your success; every day your project goes over schedule is another opportunity lost to deliver that experience. Does your project plan consider all the variables? Where can you save now and reduce operating costs later? We lead hospitality projects from design and construction to furniture installation and commissioning, working with sustainability experts to reduce your costs for years to come.


    Can you fund growth, enhance your performance and infrastructure, and deliver shareholder value—all while complying with industry regulations? We provide the expertise to ensure you get the facility that best fits your operational and financial objectives. From zoning and access regulations to electrical, mechanical and structural requirements, we help you save time and money – for now and the future.


    Do you have the capacity and expertise to lead the large variety of projects in your portfolio? We lead transportation projects, helping you achieve success whether you are undertaking a business case, refitting transit stations, or researching and planning changes.

    “MHPM did an excellent job.”

    Mary McCuaig, The Nation Municipality, Ontario, Canada


    Fitting up new or existing office space, or constructing a new building to house your operations? Do you have the expertise to negotiate lease terms, procure an architect or interior designer, and draft contract incentives to encourage a timely move? We use our extensive industry knowledge to find you the best design and construction professionals, and prepare contract documents that help you get you into your new office on time.


    Our experience on low and high rise residential projects gives us a clear understanding of the particular requirements within this sector, starting from careful control of the design process and detailed analysis of construction methodologies through to a high level of supervision diligence and planning for seamless handover / occupation.


    Do you know how to avoid the costs and fees common to retail construction projects? Do you have the time, resources and experience to manage a large-scale rollout? Whether you are looking at a national rollout or a local project, we will help you deliver on time and on budget.