• high client satisfaction
  • proven
We are building and infrastructure project leaders. Our Get it Right Solution™ ensures we get it ready, get it built and get it performing – so owners, developers and occupants are certain of success.
We understand your needs and vision. We bring an uncommon level of expertise to your building and infrastructure developments. We are the trusted advisors who act directly on your behalf -- independent of contractors, designers and architects – to protect your interests.
  • We survey clients on each and every project
  • 100% of clients were very satisfied or satisfied with project outcomes
  • 100% of projects were delivered on budget or below
  • 99% of projects exceeded or met needs
  • 99% of clients received value-added service
  • 99% of project concerns were resolved
  • 98% of projects were delivered on time or earlier
  • MHPM’s NPS for 2015 was 75 – stronger than many global brands such as Apple
  • About 30 years
  • 12,000+ projects
  • 600 people
  • 25 offices
  • Canada and the Middle East
  • Buildings and infrastructure
  • Small to complex
  • Public and private sector
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certified
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (QMS)


Franklin Holtforster

President & CEO

B.Sc., P.Eng., PMP, LEED AP

Entrepreneur and business leader Franklin Holtforster founded MHPM in 1989. As CEO, he has grown the company into Canada’s leading real-property and infrastructure project management firm with offices across Canada and the Middle East. An engineer, contractor and project management professional, Franklin has directed major capital projects for private- and public-sector clients, nationally and internationally. He is an in-demand public speaker on business and leadership, including Intentional Leadership and Sustainability is Free. Franklin serves on the Board of the Real Property Institute of Canada. He has received the Order of Honour from Professional Engineers Ontario and the Province of Ontario Volunteer Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions.

Anne Glasgow

Chief Development Officer


Anne Glasgow has 25 years’ experience in real estate and construction as a company founder and director, project manager, real-estate sales representative, facility manager and leasing manager. She leads MHPM_Driver’s business development and marketing; relationships with large corporate clients; strategic planning; and development of new services. Anne has served as a board director of the Institute of Professional Project Managers, is an active member of CoreNet, and provides real estate leadership and project management training.

Yamin Shihab

Vice President, United Arab Emirates

MSc., PMP, LEED Green Associate

Yamin is a trusted construction and real estate professional with 17 years of international experience leading major capital projects. He is passionate about supporting developers and owners to maximize their opportunities and minimize their risks on real estate projects. Yamin is a strong advocate for applying world-class project management practices to safeguard owners’ best interests, while building an environment of trust and collaboration within project teams. He has the ability to effectively influence and persuade project teams, project a positive outlook and demonstrate an energetic disposition, and effectively manage conflict and resolve a variety of stakeholder, technical and human resource issues on projects.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens by focusing on environmental sustainability, our employees and our communities, as well as operating with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

Commitment to Sustainability

MHPM_Driver works hard to contribute to a sustainable future, while providing economically sound services to our clients. We believe that Sustainability is Free™, which means that over its life cycle, a sustainable building is worth more, costs less to operate, and provides a healthier environment for people who live and work in it. In cooperation with our clients, employees and business partners, we ensure that incorporating sustainability comes at no net cost.

All MHPM_Driver technical staff either have or are working towards attaining their PMP and LEED Green Associate credentials. In our efforts to continuously improve environmental performance, we focus on proactive environmental management even in our own operations. This includes the buildings we own, leased space, corporate travel and procurement. We focus on eliminating waste in our purchasing, optimizing consumption, creating business process efficiencies and buying environmentally preferable products and services.

We are guided by the following core beliefs and guiding principles


Core Beliefs

  • The strongest advocate for sustainability is an independent project manager working on the client’s behalf
  • Thorough planning and design are critical to meeting our clients’ sustainability objectives
  • Managing our business in a sustainable way is an imperative
  • Any cost that does not provide value to our clients is considered wasteful
  • Our Sustainability is Free™ philosophy means that incorporating sustainability into project lifecycles pays for itself

Guiding Principles



We lead our clients towards achieving their sustainability objectives.



We create high-performance facilities that minimize negative impacts on the environment. They are healthy, safe places to live and work. They contribute to vibrant, sustainable communities.
Integrity and Ethics: We are committed to conducting business with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.


Stakeholder Engagement

We seek out and listen to those affected by our business and operations. We actively engage our business and project stakeholders on how we can work toward shared goals.
Risks and Opportunities: We are dedicated to identifying and mitigating the impacts of climate change, and maximizing opportunities for sustainability.


Continual Improvement

We work hard to continuously improve our business and operations. We involve our employees, sub-contractors, clients and partners in improving the environmental performance of our projects.



We eliminate waste by being conscientious about the kinds of goods and services we buy, and by avoiding over-consumption. Our approach is based on a simple hierarchy:

  • Optimize our consumption and eliminate waste
  • Establish business-process efficiencies
  • Purchase environmentally preferable products and services
  • Integrate new technologies

to our Employees

The strong relationship we have with our employees is the result of mutual respect and dignity. We provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment, and are committed to continuous improvement. We are a registered, equal-opportunity employer. We provide training, education and professional development for employees in support of their future work plans. All technical employees, for instance, are required to obtain and maintain Project Management Professional certification and the LEED Green Associate credential. We also encourage them to seek the Accredited Professional with Specialization.

Commitment to our Communities

We are committed to creating vibrant, sustainable communities. Through sponsorship and participation, we support national and local initiatives focused on education, sustainability and community-building. We are pleased to give back to our employees, our clients and our neighbours. We contribute to our communities by donating time and money to charities that have a profound and tangible impact on the lives of local individuals and families. This includes such charities as United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, MADD, Prostate Cancer Canada, Relay-for-Life and many other philanthropic campaigns championed by our clients.



At MHPM_Driver, we offer a collaborative and professional culture where you can build a great career and have
fun doing it.

  • We employ 600 professionals across Canada and the Middle East, with expertise in:
  • Project leadership
  • Capital project consultation
  • Furniture, fixtures and design
  • Marketing, business development, sales and proposals
  • HR, finance and administration
  • We offer excellent professional development programs and career opportunities to help you get to where you want to go faster

Investing in youth is good for your career and our company. We’re always on the look-out for young people who want to learn from our more experienced staff and be part of building a sustainable world.

We value the depth of experience and wisdom seasoned professionals add to our company and our projects. If you are a passionate, hard-working individual who can help us reach the next level of excellence, we want to talk to you.

Our teams combine experienced industry leaders with up-and-coming talent to bring innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to our clients—top public- and private-sector organizations. Our people are hard-working, committed and results-oriented professionals who thrive on challenge and life-long education.